The 2018 Hot Products Huntington Beach Moto-Surf and Freeride Exhibition
April 14 - 15, huntington beach pier
"Surf racing returns to southern california!!

After an almost 20 year hiatus, surf racing returned to both the West Coast & to Southern California where it’s absence has been missed by both the racers and the fans. The Hot Products 2018 Huntington Beach Moto-Surf & Freeride Exhibition presented by Jettrim, Jettribe, Hydro-Turf, Bomber Eyewear, Jet Re-Nu, Circuit Jet Sports, Kawasaki, IPD Graphics, Factory Zero, Rickter-RRP, T.C. Freeride, Goodman Properties Krash Industries, Works H20 Designs, Havasu Watercraft, Rivera Trucking, RB Components & Pro-Rider Magazine took off in grand fashion on April 14 & 15 with over 100 racers attending the inaugural event.  The much anticipated event featured 2 days of IJSBA sanctioned PWC racing on a 4 moto points system and a Freeride Exhibition with two of the top Freeriders in the World – Mark Gomez & Abraham Hochstrasser along with Jake Bright, Sean Starr and a few others treating the fans to show they won’t soon forget.   

When word of the return of surf racing hit the industry, racers who hadn’t donned a helmet & vest in over 17 years began counting the days until the event arrived. It had been so many years since the last surf race contest on the West Coast that a whole generation of riders had never raced in the surf. This would prove very interesting as the tricky, ever changing water conditions would test some of the best “flat water” racers skill & endurance.  Once the weekend arrived, the descent on Huntington Beach began as race teams arrived, eager to get checked in and move from the asphalt parking lot pit area to the sands of Huntington Beach.  “Surf City” as Huntington Beach is known, has long been a mecca for surfing and during the heyday of PWC racing some 20+ years ago it was as well for pwc surf racing.  The southside of the pier was the destination for this years event and when the time came for the 1st flag to drop the excitement in the air was palpable.  The constantly changing surf conditions were a great equalizer for even the fastest and most talented racers. From the Juniors to the Pro’s and every level in between the ever changing tide and currents would create havoc at all areas of the course.  While these conditions were not what most were used to the racing on the water thoroughly entertained the very large crowds.  The freeride exhibition featured riders from TC Freeride, Rickter-RRP & Krash Industries. Some three to four times a day between sets of moto’s they would swell the crowds on both the pier and on the sand with their insane flips, barrel rolls and no handers tricks. Thousands of fans took up residence on the Pier overlooking the course and audible gasps could be heard enmasse when a trick was performed that defied comprehension.

Two days seemed to fly by at lightning speed but while many were battered and bruised from the rough conditions it didn’t deter them and nearly all completed the event and are already looking forward to next years 2nd Annual Huntington Beach Moto-Surf race.

RPM Racing would like to congratulate all the participants and the winners and send a special Thank You to Todd “Sarge” Young, Robert Clay, Caesar Begnigno who kept the racers safe all weekend as well as Dawn Carey and her entire scoring staff along with Paul Pistone who braved the surf with a healing broken wrist to flag the entire weekend along with all the volunteers and announcers -veteran surf emcee Rick Lake and Dave Arnold.

Up next is the start of the Jettribe “Best of the West” Series – Rounds 1 & 2 – The Blue Water Resort & Casino IJSBA Western States Nationals on May 5 & 6 in Parker, AZ – please visit or call (310) 318-4012 for any questions or for more information on how to get registered.

Overall Results:
Sport Spec
1 Tommy Bonacci Costa Mesa, CA 201
2 Hunter Dunn Huntington Beach, CA 99
3 Tony Martinez Chino, CA 10
4 Mark Gomez Fullerton, CA 137
5 Anthony Arebello Diamond Bar, CA 418
6 Ron Henderson Escondido, CA 15
7 Charles Anderson Lake Havasu City, AZ 55
8 Nick Giles Alpine, CA 521
9 Natalia Giuliano Bakersfield, CA 661
10 Brandon Lalizier Escondido, CA 83
11 Charles Sims Lake Elsinore,CA 109
12 Jacob Leu Fresno, CA 511
Vintage X2 Stock
1 Jason Trist Escondido, CA 155
2 Jason Schriner Riverside, CA 8
3 Ian Sirrs Canyon Lake, CA 8X
Am Vet Ski GP
1 Taylor Curtis Paso Robles, CA 155
2 Daniel Yonan Corona, CA 45
3 Michael Evingham San Clemente, CA 22
4 Charlie Martinez Buena Park, CA 9
5 Eric Alley Riverside, CA 512
6 Brian Edwards Henderson, NV 41
7 Phil Hunt Huntington Beach, CA 39
Pro Am Ski Ltd.
1 Tyron Motzouris Anthem, AZ 50
Masters Ski GP
1 Jack Flynn Long Beach, CA 78
2 Glenn Powell Colorado Springs, CO 621

Runabout N/A
1 Arteen Kharrat Yorba Linda, CA 45
2 Josh Janeway Redding, CA 4
3 KC Heidler Santa Ana, CA 50
4 Jonathan Rivera Indio, CA 282

Pro Am Ski Stock
1 Steven Leprohon Lake Havasu City, AZ 217
2 Dio Ramirez Irvine, CA 7
Novice Ski Stock
1 Jonathan Phan Laguna Niguel, CA 110
2 Seth Sirrs Canyon Lake, CA 58
3 Tyler Shinko Thousand Oaks, CA 418
4 Tyler Pavlick Ramon, CA 305
5 Branden Edwards Henderson, NV 41
6 Doug Phillips Cordova, AK 155
Women's Ski Ltd.
1 Rachel Cummings El Segundo, CA 701

Pro Am Ski GP
1 Mike Klippenstein Ft. MacMuarray, AL, CA 212
2 Dustin Motzouris Anthem, AZ 50
3 Kole Cramer Lake Havasu City, AZ 31
4 Pete Zernik Sacramento, CA 149
5 Ian Roberts Sparks, NV 658
6 Mark Gomez Fullerton, CA RKT
7 Daniel Yonan Corona, CA 45
8 Emi Kanamori Rowland Hts, CA 600
9 Jeff Troegner Watsonville, CA 85

Am Mod Ski Lites
1 Todd Valentino Lake Havasu City, AZ 95
2 Andrew Cecere Hermosa Beach, CA RKT
3 Joe Gesicki Long Beach, CA 888
4 Raymond Barre Long Beach, CA 5
5 Joey Morneault Las Vegas, NV 901

Am Vet Ski Lites
1 Jason Carlton Acton, CA 245
2 Eric Alley Riverside, CA 512
3 Jeff Lysdale Lake Havasu City, AZ 377
4 James Dean Laguna Niguel, CA 48

Vintage 550 Ski
1 Mark Gomez Fullerton, CA 137
2 Wyland Reden Lake Elsinore, CA 1
3 Charles Sims Lake Elsinore, CA 11
4 Josh West Winchester, CA 258
5 Dante Borruso San Clemente, CA 57
6 Kolin Renner Temecula, CA 12
7 Peyton Hill Covina, CA 48
8 Seth Sirrs Canyon Lake, CA 58
9 Dack Petersen Mission Viejo, CA 7
10 Jason Trist Escondido, CA 155
11 Dylan Ulrich Costa Mesa, CA 54
12 Blake Cass Huntington Beach, CA 78
13 Vince Dischiavi Norco, CA 43
14 Tommy Bonacci Costa Mesa, CA 10
15 Jason Rivera Chino, CA 38
16 Becky Powell Colorado Springs, CO 621

Pro Am R/A GP
1 David Palmer Irvine, CA 23
2 Michael Habel Discovery Bay, CA 983
3 Charlie Martinez Buena Park, CA 9
Pro Am R/A Stock
1 Cyrille Lemoine Irvine, CA 9
2 K.C. Heidler Santa Ana, CA 50
Novice R/A Stock
1 Akira Tanaka Torrance, CA 470

Sport GP
1 Tommy Bonacci Costa Mesa, CA 201
2 Jack Briscoe Herriman, UT 76
3 Hunter Dunn Huntington Beach, CA 99
4 Abraham Hochstrasser Cancun, MX RKT
5 Jacob Leu Fresno, CA 511
6 Mark Gomez Fullerton, CA 137
7 Tony Martinez Chino, CA 10
8 Jack Arluck San Jose, CA 116
9 Michael McFarlane Elk Grove, CA 200
Vintage X2 Open
1 Jacob Acosta Garden Grove, CA 8
2 Tamotsu Yamamoto Danville, CA 11

Am Ski Lites
1 Joey Morneault Las Vegas, NV 901
2 Matthew Rollings Sparks, NV 812
3 James Dean Laguna Niguel, CA 48
4 Jeff Lysdale Lake Havasu City, AZ 377
Jr. 13-15 Ski Lites
1 Tyler Shinko Thousand Oaks, CA 418
2 Jack Briscoe Herriman, UT
3 Coy Curtis* Paso Robles, CA 155


                 The Nordic & Hallett Boats                 Lake Elsinore Gran Prix Enduro 
Presented by:
Nick Rose Insurance

Ahern Rentals, Jet Re-Nu, Hot Rod's & Hobbies 

The 1st annual Nordic & Hallett Boats Lake Elsinore Gran Prix Enduro Presented by Nick Rose Insurance, Ahern Rentals, Jet Re-Nu, Hot Rod's & Hobbies took place on April 7 & 8 at La Laguna Resort & Boat Launch in Lake Elsinore.  Endurance powerboat racing pits boating enthusiasts against professional powerboat racers from all areas of the sport, flatbottom vs. mod VP outboard, Inboard powered V bottom vs. jet boats.  16 entries in 7 divisions were on hand to see if they could not only win their respective division and become the “King of the Lake” the title bestowed on the overall champion for the endurance race.   The Le Man’s start kicked off the race with all entrants lined up on the banks of the Lake Elsinore waiting for the flag to drop.  What can only be described as one of the best starts in power boat racing,  the teams made their way South to the 2ndt turn up some 2.5 miles down the length of the lake.  Leading the 1st lap was the #193 Nordic & Hallett Race team from Lake Havasu City, AZ with Randy Davis at the wheel.    From that point on the Enduro would be a game of attrition and who could survive to claim the win.     Davis & co-driver Gordon Jennings  would have to pick up the pace after a required pit stop left them in the 4th spot giving the lead to #54 also a Div. VII Nordic hull driven by Krude Boyz Race Team Owner Dirk Olsen, Anthem, AZ and his Co-Driver Ryan Heiser, Dickinson, ND.  3rd overall at this point would be veteran outboard and Div. VI  Steve Linder #307 from Henderson NV driving the Mercury/Stoker.  As the checkered flag was raised to conclude day #1, Brian Vessely, LakeHavasu  City, AZ #222 Div. III spun in turn 4 leaving Steve Davis #737 Nordic Racing nowhere to go except through the Velocity Production Ski boat sending both driver's to the hospital with what turned out thankfully to be minor injuries.  For Sunday, all teams lined up in the finish order from Saturday minus the #222 & #737.  Again, the start proved to be a great equalizer and the Div. IV Grand Nationals roared to the front of the pack hot on the heels of the two Nordic's.  Two hours later the 1st annual Lake Elsinore Gran Prix Enduro had come to it's conclusion and with that the #193 Team of Randy Davis & Gordon Jennings grabbed the top spot to claim the overall & Div. VII win and the Title “King of the Lake” for 2018.  Congratulation to the Division champions: Mike Purcyznski, Hemet CA #151 Div. I, Kevin Taylor #234, Henderson NV- Div. II,  Tanner Kelm & Nick Batchelor, Long Beach, CA #562 - Div.III, Cole Noble, Lomita, CA GN#30 - Div. IV, Steve Linder Div. VI Champ.  Congratulation to all entrants of this years grand event.

RPM Racing Enterprises would like to thank the sponsors, staff & NWSRA and volunteers that made the race possible and for their support! 

 Overall Results:
1st- #192 Div. VII Randy Davis/Gordon Jennings - 63 Laps
2nd- #54  Div. VII Dirk Olsen/Ryan Heiser - 61 Laps
3rd - #307 Div. VI Steve Linder/John Stewart - 55 Laps
4th - #GN30 Div. V Cole Noble  - 47 Laps
5th - #234 Div. II Kevin Taylor/Tim Carmack - 46 Laps
6th - #562 Div. III Tanner Kelm/Nick Batchelor - 43 Laps
7th - #151 Div. I Mike Purczynski - 34 Laps
8th - #63 Div. I Greg MacDonald/Samantha Mac Donald/Jasper MacDonald - 26 Laps
9th - #722 Div. III Craig Gregory/Brian Vessely - 23 Laps
10th- #737 Div. III Steve Davis/Todd Haig - 23 Laps
11th-#7 Div. III Jeff Barrus - 21 Laps
12th - #369 Div. IV Heath Hiebert/Kaylee Hiebert/Tom Buksa - 13 Laps
13th - #24 Div. IV Eric Sperry/Brock Keenan -12 Laps
14th - #343 Div. VI Keith Bandy -9 Laps
15th - #45 Div. III Todd Kelm/Katelyn Wendt- 1 Lap
16th - #33 Div. III Frank Randel DNS

Results by Division:

Division I
1st - #151 Mike Purczynski, Hemet, CA "Rum Runner"- 34 Laps
2nd - #63 Greg MacDonald/Samantha MacDonald/Jasper MacDonald/Logan Kelsey "Dragonfly" - 26 Laps

Division II
1st - #234 Kevin Taylor/Tim Carmack, Henderson, NV "R & R Prop Shop -46 Laps

Division III
1st- #562 Tanner Kelm/Nick Batchelor/Todd Kelm/Michelle Davison Long Beach, CA "Gretchens Auto" - 43 Laps
2nd- 9th - #722 Craig Gregory/Brian Vessely, Newport Beach, CA "Velocity"- 23 Laps
3rd - #737 Steve Davis/Todd Haig, Lake Havasu City, AZ "Nordic Racing" - 23 Laps
4th -#7 Jeff Barrus, Long Beach, CA "Angry Bird Racing"
 - 21 Laps
5th - #45 Todd Kelm/Katelyn Wendt, Long Beach, CA "Gretchen Auto" - 1 Lap
6th - #33 Frank Randel, Bakersfield, CA -DNS

Division IV
1st-GN30  Cole Noble/Mike Noble/Pat Hoban, Big River, CA "Under Pressure" -47 Laps
2nd- GN 369 Heath Hiebert/Kaylee Hiebert/Tom Buksa, Perris, CA "Corn Fed" -13 Laps
3rd - GN 24 Erick Sperry/Brock Keenan, Canyon Lake, CA  "Body Snatcher" -12 Laps

Division VI
1st- #307 Steve Linder/John Stewart Henderson, NV "Attitude Adjustment" - 55 Laps
2nd- #343 Keith Bandy, Huntington Beach, CA "Darth Baker" 9 Laps

Division VII
1st- #192 Randy Davis/Gordon Jennings, Lake Havasu City, AZ "Nordic Racing" - 63 Laps
2nd- #54 Dirk Olsen/Ryan Heiser, Anthem, AZ "Krude Boyz Racing" - 61 Laps

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