Saturday, October 29th, 2016 - 11:00 am

The race is set for Saturday, October 29th!  Start making plans!
To make your reservations, please call the Resort at (888) 243-3360 or (928) 669-7000 or visit

The Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker 300 Enduro, a throwback to the heyday of powerboat racing's most prestigous endurance race - The Parker 9 Hour Enduro. Inboards vs. outboards, flat's vs V bottoms, jets vs I/O's all competing on a 6 mile course on the Colorado River.  300 Miles is the ultimate test on water of man & machine vs the elements.  This race is open to all boating enthusiasts from the novice weekend warrior to the professional powerboat racer and everyone in between.
For more information on how to get involved, please email or call  or (310) 318-4012

RPM Racing Enterprises is proud to announce that NICK ROSE INSURANCE (NRI) has signed a multi-year sponsorship deal for The Blue Water 300 Parker Enduro. The 2016 Blue Water Resort & Casino 300 Parker Enduro Presented by Nick Rose Insurance will be held on Saturday, October 29th in Parker, AZ.  The annual event brings in boat racers from across the country to compete in a race that tests the limits of man & machine on the water.  This years event features 8 classes of powerboats, each looking to take claim to title "King of the River" and have bragging rights for a race that dates back to 1964. Ross Wallach, Race Director and President of the RPM Racing Enterprises is extremely pleased to have NRI on board. "Nick Rose and his team can only make events like this bigger and better!  Having a great sponsor like Nick Rose and his organization is a great addition to this great event!”

Nick Rose Insurance (NRI) is a distinguished award-winning agency specializing in the movie industry to heavy construction, marine, RV, auto, home, life, etc. Call for a consultation (661) 253-1131. Like them on Facebook and Instagram too! Coverage in many states.

RPM Racing Enterprises welcomes Sponsors of The Blue Water 300 Parker Enduro!!

RPM RACING ENTERPRISES proudly welcomes Nordic Boats, Ecology Auto Parts, Advanced Oilfield Services/Krude Boys Racing, Integral Products and The Flatbottom Boogie as sponsors of the 2016 Blue Water Resort & Casino 300 Parker Enduro! Thank you for your support of this great race!! As of today, October 13th through the generosity and dedication of these companies we have raised $8,000 in prize money for this years race scheduled for October 29th in Parker, AZ.  We are half way over there towards our goal of raising $15,000 in prize money.  

Please visit,,

If you'd like to get involved as a sponsor/advertiser of The Blue Water 300 Enduro, please call (310) 318-4012 or email 

For all updates and information, please check back on this website. 

Official Rules:
Please click on the OFFICIAL RULES for the 2016 Enduro. Please print and bring these rules with you to the Enduro. 

Note: Just like the 2015 Enduro, all teams will start at the same time, however with the handicaps in place for each division based on historical evidence from past Enduro's.  We believe this is the most fair way to conduct this type of Enduro given so many differenct types of boats/speeds so that each boat has a fair shot of winning the overall Enduro and their division.  Safety is of paramount importance to the survival of this race. 

If you have any questions regarding the rules or if you have a boat that doesn't seem to fit in any Division, please contact Ben Marrone email: or Phone (626) 523-0456

Registration Form:
Please fill out the form and email it back to to be considered pre-registered.  Money is not required for pre-registation, the form is.  All forms need to be received by Sunday, October 29th, forms received after that date will be charged a $50 late fee.  
Please fill out the entry form, save it to your file on your computer and email it back to or print, fill it out and either fax (310) 372-7427 or mail it with check payable to RPM RACING ENTERPRISES to 1803 Morgan Lane, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

SCSC Membership Form:
 All participants of the 2016 Enduro must join SCSC.  Single event membership is $20, full year is $50.  This can be done at registration on Friday, October 28th.  Please click on the SCSC Membership Form and bring it with you to registration. 

Team Profile Sheet :
Please click on the ENDURO TEAM PROFILE SHEET and fill it out and send it back.  This is for media/press and announcing purposes. 

Given the 30 day window to make this race happen RPM RACING ENTERISES is actively looking for interested sponsors/advertisers to get involved with this great event.  For a sponsor solicitation or information on how to get involved, please email or call  or (310) 318-4012

To make this race a success we are actively looking for volunteers for patrol/tow boats during the race (which should last approximately 4-5 hours). If you have an interest, please contact Ross at either or (310) 318-4012

Race Teams: 
Please keep emailing or posting your intent
ion to race. There will NOT be "qualifying" at this years Enduro. 

Please check back for all updates and info. Please forward this link to anyone that is interested in participating!

I look forward to seeing everyone at this great event!!!

For more information on the race and the weekend, please contact RPM RACING at (310) 318-4012 or via email:


Ross Wallach, Race Director

Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker 300 Enduro Pre-Registered Race List:

1. R. Loughry/B. Marrone
2. M. Quindazzi
3. J. Lloyd/C. Watkins/G. Foster

4. G. Ronkainen
5. H. Hiebert
6. R. Mobley
7. S. Linder
8. J. Haddon
9. E. Sperry
10. J. Benton
11. C. Sousamian
12. A. Siroonian
13. K. Bandy
14.  J. Roth/C. Watkins/G. Foster
15. E. Mijares
16. K. Taylor
17. D. Olsen/R. Heiser/J. Cogan
18. J. Soares
19. J. Rich
20. T. Stone
21. J. Stewart/R. Lewis
22. S. Linder/G. Marnell
23. R. Davis
24. S. Davis
25. D. Chivens
26. F. Randel
27. D. Jones
28. M. Noble
29. M. Schmelling
30. M. Lapaglia
31. C. Gregory
32. L. Haselrig
33. C. Kohles
34. K. Bewick
35. T. Valore
36. J. Stutesman
37. M. Stock/T. Applegate

Given the short time frame to make this happen we need as many entries to make this race a success! 

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